Have You Been Interviewed On The Cruise Ship Before?

 Get your self ready

Before you will get to the interview time, please remember that you should practice your self with the question from the interviewer’s. All of the cruise line looking for crews who can do something better for their company not the company does something for the crew.Means that you have to act as if that you will very eager to work and willingness to do everything to boost company profit and excellent service to the passengers, and of course as a crew in the hospitality area you have to show your sincere smile, friendliness, empathy, teamwork, and showing that you will taking the ownership in any aspect of the cruise ship area on board.

Honesty and willingness is the main key to be success in any interview.

Please remember Make sure you have a professional written Resume!! example best resume Click Here

Below are several key points the interviewer’s may ask:

Please introduce your self? Tips: answer with firm with full confidence not too slow and not too fast when you speak wit premium smooth tones of your voice.

Why do you want to work on a cruise ship? Why do you want to be a crew member on the cruise ship? Tips: be cause job on cruise ships is challenging and great experience that I never can find any where else. And enjoy working with different peoples and nationalities and you have the skill in that field.
What makes you think you can work on the cruise ship? Tips: demonstrate you experience, your skill, your willingness, and show them that you can be a very good team player in any condition. we can say it as a team work

What is you commitment? Tips: hard working, motivated person, always positive thinking know where to putting personal problems and job problems, very patience and happy person, and easy going.

Tips how to do the Interview by phone

In case that you have your interview by phone, first of all you have to smile when you speak on the phone. Speak promptly and confidence with smile, imagine that you are just like you see the interviewer’s face to face.

Tips prior entering interview room

Before your turn is coming, don’t show your self nervous you can take a very deep breathing for couple of times if you are nervous.

After your turn is ready, knock the doors and ask permission to enter the room, look directly to the interviewer’s eyes, greet, smile and shaking hands.

Successful interview guides:

v Comes as early as possible.

v Professionally dress up nice and neat avoid using perfume.

v Clean and no body odors at all

v Nice and neat hear style.

v Attention to details on your grooming.

v No jewelries.

v No chewing and smoking allowed.

v No politics and religion topic related.

v Never say something bad about your previous job and co workers

v Say thank you very much indeed to the interviewers to giving you a chance.

v Please remember the interviewers are a human they need your willingness, honesty, sense of humor and your positive thinking and never afraid of anything they just the same as you are.

What is your challenge? Tips: as a human being it is always there are spaces for improvement.

What do you know about our cruise line? Have you work on the cruise ship before? Tips: say honesty but tell them that work on the cruise ship is one of you dream to be came true.

Have you travel before? Tips: even your answers yes or no but always answer that you are very happy to travel to see the world.

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