How To Apply a Job on cruise ship is a site bringing you most all of jobs and careers available on world wide cruise lines. you can apply a job  by choosing the right job as per your experience and back round on this page if you didn’t fined any jobs as per your skill and back round, you may also check this page for more info about world wide cruise line careers and opportunity

What do I Need To be able to join and work on cruise ship?

So if you are easy going,hard-working, sociable, positive professional, with a good command of English and a passion for service, you are already qualified to be a crew member of any cruise lines world wide. but most important thing you should have is a professional Resume writer or Application cover letter to improve your chance to be invited for interview. if you think you need more help on your resume writing you can get it here  .

Is the Interview Difficult?

Job Interview for cruise ship nearly the same as job interview on other places how ever there are several things you need to study or improve especially knowledge about cruise ship, here some tips how to answer questions a job  interview.

Where My application will go?

All applicant through will be directly email to the respective company for example you apply on jobs housekeeping at holland america cruise lines than your application will be directly goes to Holland America Human resource department. they will than directly contact you if you qualified as per their company standard.

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